Length: 36.4"

Width: 9.6"

Tip-To-Tail Curvature: 0.25" Rockered Platform

Variable 27.375" - 28.875"

Construction: 9 Ply Maple

Flex: Stiff

Fast Freeride and Downhill


Cloud Ride Freeride 70mm 77a

Bear 180mm Black Reverse Kingpin Trucks (52 degree baseplates)

Cloud Ride ABEC 7

Jessup Coarse w/ DB Die Cut Logo

1.5" Hardware Set 1/4" Rubber Riser Speed Rings

Most boards that have attempted similar concepts in the past have been only asymmetrical on one side of the board, forcing riders to use different decks dependent on their preferred stance. The Robot Special, on the other hand, delivers a bidirectional design that is suitable for both goofy and regular riders alike. Specific sides for your toes and heels provide an ergonomic design that will prevent sore feet while bestowing maximum leverage. Just in case this is a bit tricky to remember, the bright geometric graphic futures a very functional reminder of which direction is goofy and which is regular.

So why is the bacon concave on the toeside? Your toes are well supported by angles that would be uncomfortable to have under your heels. With the concave on the Robot Special you are able to dig into heelside turns and have a higher toeside edge to hold you in. Conversely, when you lean toeside you'll be able to get more leverage over your board. The back pocket is designed to be comfortable for predrifts and keeping your tuck in the perfect position.